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Providing a
seamless LED

Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Qualified electricians with expert knowledge
and over 30 years experience
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Higher Efficiency
Reduce your energy consumption
and your carbon footprint
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Save Money
Save on average between 60-80%
on your energy bills
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
More Versatility
LED's can be used anywhere, in
any shape, size or colour
  The most important reason of all...  
  We realise that the initial cost of LED lighting is considerably more than conventional lamps.
However, we have the solution.
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
"After the LED's are fitted you will carry on paying the same amount for your energy. Your initial energy savings will then be used to pay off the original installation and LED's"
STEVE - AB Electrical Engineer
Here's a simple example...  
Current cost of energy per year £5000
New cost of energy per year with LED's £3000
Savings per year £2000
  Cost of LED's including installation £4000
  For two years after installation you continue to pay £5000
per year, that covers the cost of the LED's and the install.
After two years you will be saving approximately £2000
per annum.
Find out how much you could be saving
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Flexibility of use
LED's can be used anywhere. Available in a wide range of fitting and even colours, LED's fit into any environment, providing a truer, brighter light than a traditional bulb.
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
No UV Emissions
LED's do not emit ultra violet light such as halogen lamps, perfect for any situation where UV can cause degradation of materials. Even better, no UV emissions means insects aren't attracted.
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Low Running Temperatures
With so little energy lost to heat, LED lighting runs cool to the touch (which means no burnt fingers). The LED's run so cool they are perfect for lighting delicate objects or food items.
  Top 5 reasons
  Why you should switch to LED lighting
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Energy Efficiency
LED's are much more efficient than incandescent (traditional) lamps. Rather than losing 80% of it's energy to heat, such as traditional lighting, LED's only lose 20%.
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
Save Money
Although the initial cost is more than traditional lighting, LED's use a fraction of the energy. Long term, you will see massive savings.
See typical examples of cost savings
Electrical Contractors East Sussex
  Unsure what you may need?
  We can find you a cost effective way to make the switch to LED
Electrical Contractors East Sussex CALL OUR LED LIGHTING SPECIALIST ON 01424 436 385
  Click here to download our PDF for further information
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